What We Stand For

We believe everyone has the right to the basic necessities of clean water, food and shelter.

We believe in the immense potential of every human being.

We believe that the dream of thriving ecosystems and a sustainable planet can move closer to becoming a reality within our lifetime.

Our mission

We are working with charities and good causes across the world to make changes that improve lives, untap hidden potential and protect, conserve and improve our natural environment.

Our focus is on...


365 Foundation supports charities committed to helping those without access to the basic everyday necessities that most of us take for granted and provide the informational and practical advice to allow struggling communities to prosper. We also firmly believe in encouraging talent and creativity, working with charities who focus on educational and sporting projects in underprivileged areas.

Animals & Nature

We have been blessed with a beautiful planet to call home. Yet, despite this, we have unbalanced delicate ecosystems, wreaked havoc across huge swathes of the earth and rendered once flourishing natural environments uninhabitable. This cannot continue. We firmly support charities working to undo the damage already done, restore the natural balance and bring harmony back to Mother Earth.


Oceans make up 70 percent of the surface of our planet.They are also home to a rich, diverse array of life. Indeed, over 70% of all life is found under the sea.  Yet, levels of plastic and other forms of waste are at an all-time high and coral reefs and other habitats for marine life are being destroyed by human carelessness. Supporting charities working to improving conditions in our oceans is important to us.

Case studies

Below you’ll find examples of just some of the great work that’s been done by 365 Foundation so far.

365 Foundation and Nordic Gaming Group

365 Foundation relies on worldwide gaming operator Nordic Gaming Group in order to fund the wide range of charities it works with. It is thanks to them that we can support our existing projects and continue the search for more great causes.

Our Number One Supporter

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